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  • Posted: March 23, 2018 5:17 pm
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We all need furniture - almost 70 million people in the UK alone and it is safe to say that 99+% of them have the need for many different types of furniture - it's an essential set of items and also one that is often a relatively hard thing to buy in the high street - think back to how many times you have managed to buy any furniture in the high street and actually walk away with it the same day.. or even the same week?

the answer is probably not very often unless you buy the cheap flat pack variety or a battered looking display model.

This business is uniquely set as you can get the items shipped fast, no fuss and also plenty of scope for sourcing exotic items from overseas that simply are not available in the UK through the high street or anywhere else - it is a business that can expand easily also in to other areas - your suppliers can source everything you need at rock bottom prices and this enables you to make great margins of 40 to 50% on all items you sell - with no stock needed at all.

More and more people are looking to make money in and around a regular job, others want to find a way to totally replace their regular income with something more substantial and in the package below you are offered exactly that - a business that you can dial up or down as much as you like.

If you think that this all sounds unlikely by all means Google "Dario Lopez" to read more about his success. I have also added a link further down so you can that see that he was at various points has genuinely been one of the largest eBay traders - this position is always in a state of flux of course - but the method and the means haven't changed at all and this inside track is your key to success.
We are offering a freehold opportunity setting you up on eBay with trusted suppliers and an Amazon business so you can follow the same footsteps, you also get a website and support/suppliers.

Your welcome to come and visit us in person of course.
What's included in the business?
Ebay pro shop designed to engage your clients.
Amazon shop.
Website so that you have x3 revenue streams all making money at the same time.
Suppliers details which we have done business with for many years and once you have been in business with them for a few months they will actually look at funding if this is what you would like.
We have been in business for so long that we have strong connections with branded product suppliers like beats headphones and apple and many other brands if you wish to sell these items - there are many things that sell exceptionally well online.

Training and support from the experts so you can follow the footsteps of the most successful sellers.

Ask yourself these questions -:
* Where can you buy a business with the opportunity to turnover £10k a month?
* Where or how can you get someone who is very successful to show you all the tricks of the trade?
* How can you get an eBay pro-shop that looks truly professional?
* Who will recommend you to top quality suppliers so they take you seriously?
* We can show you other successful traders who are doing extremely well and can you find the same for only £1000

This is not like a franchise where you're sharing your profit with the boss or the franchise owner.
This is a freehold business but with the free help and support from the professionals, people who have been selling online for a very long time.

Contact us and get yourself the income you deserve.

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